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tooling products


The process of providing industry or factory with necessary equipment and tools for a particular manufacturing process

Uneco provides all the resources needed to help manufacturers succeed in both the design and execution process.
This includes milling plates, moulding pastes, an extensive line of resins, gel coatings, reinforcements, cores, fillers and adhesives. Our technical sales team can assist manufacturers in choosing the most suitable products for each specific project.



Epoxy Cast

Resins for the manufacture of moulds, dies and tools from a model, with high dimensional stability. We provide several references depending on the necessary characteristics: resistance to abrasion, thermal resistance (up to 225 ºC), resistance to chemical agents, high dimensional stability, easy to polish, high gloss, etc...

Epoxy Infusion and Rtm

Epoxy resin of low or very low viscosity with good machining properties and high temperature resistance. Epoxy infusion is a process of vacuum impregnating dry fibres. RTM, or resin transfer moulding, is a process that involves injecting a liquid resin into a mould with the dried fibres inside. The mould is then heated and the resin hardens, creating a composite part.

Gel Coats

We provide different references of epoxy-based surface coatings, depending on the characteristics required: resistance to abrasion, thermal resistance (up to 200 ºC), resistance to chemical agents, high dimensional stability, easy to polish, high gloss, etc.

High Mechanical Performance Epoxies

We supply an impressive selection of high performance epoxies for high temperature gradient applications. These products can be used to manufacture high performance moulds and patterns with high requirements.

Laminated Epoxy

Epoxy resin with different viscosities and temperature resistance. Epoxy laminating resin is used to impregnate the reinforcing material and then compress the layers under heat and pressure to form a solid laminate. The resulting material can be machined to form complex structures of high strength and stiffness.

Cast Polyurethane

Polyurethane casting resins are used for the creation of models, parts and the manufacture of moulds and tools. They are characterised by properties such as speed, precision, efficiency, and at the same time they are easy and economical to process. Once polymerised, they are highly abrasion-resistant and dimensionally accurate. Due to their low exothermicity, they can be cast in very large volumes.

R.I.M Polyurethane

You can manufacture complex, high-quality parts with machine-moulded resins using the low-pressure RIM process. As a result, parts are produced in the shortest possible time. The short demoulding times also enable the production of small and medium-sized series. In contrast to the thermoplastic injection mould, the RIM mould is subject to less pressure. Some can be filled with glass fibre to increase their strength.

Vaccuum Polyurethane

Vacuum casting is the preferred process for parts with complex geometries. With polyurethane resins for machine casting, prototypes and small series can be produced quickly, cost-effectively and with high quality. Polyurethane resin systems are used to produce parts with properties similar to those of thermoplastic materials. They are also available with flame retardant properties and have a high heat resistance and a long service life.

Addition Silicone

Elastosil® addition cure silicones consist of two components A and B. The platinum catalyst is included in the B-component. The special feature of addition silicone is that no contraction occurs during vulcanisation. It is important during the vulcanisation process that the working materials are perfectly clean to avoid inhibition of the vulcanisation process. Shore A hardness ranges from 13 to 55.

Condensation Silicone

Elastosil®, which vulcanise by condensation, consist of two components: a polymer (rubber) and a hardener (catalyst). The mixing ratios of the two components range from 2 % to 5 % depending on the reference. The Shore A hardness ranges from 11 to 60.

Epoxy Board

Epoxy board are often used in the construction of moulds or models for laminating or autoclave prepreg applications. They have a good surface finish and good dimensional stability. During processing and application, epoxy resin plates impress with their high heat resistance, low coefficient of expansion. Epoxy resin sheets are suitable for application temperatures of up to 140 °C.

Polyurethane Blocks

These are semi-finished polyurethane castings made to measure for large models, moulds and tools with demanding geometries, including minimum offset. They are normally offered as seamless custom-made casting blocks. The product range includes low density blocks from 0.8 g/cm³ for design models up to 1.85 g/cm³ for all areas of mould and tool making even with prepregs.

Polyurethane Boards

Polyurethane boards are used for the preparation of design models, tool making and mould production. Available in various densities, to suit the specificity of each project.


Machinable low density expanded polystyrene sheets for volume production.

Epoxy Paste for Manual Application

The hand applied epoxy paste is a two-component, highly mouldable epoxy paste, which can be easily machined without damaging the mould and without considerable dust after curing at room temperature. Due to its dense structure, modelling properties and soft consistency, it is very suitable for consistency, it is very suitable for the production of master models. The dense structure of the finish does not absorb moisture, which makes the master models dimensionally stable.

Epoxy Paste for Extrusion Machines

Machine processable epoxy pastes are commonly used for large models, as they guarantee seamless and dense surfaces for easy and agile working, and are easily machined. Mould-making pastes are dimensionally very accurate and dimensionally stable. They are very easy to apply and our expert technical team can apply this material at the customer’s location.


Adhesives for bonding of all types of boards and also for metal inserts. We solve the bonding of any kind of substrate in the manufacturing of tooling.

Auxiliary Tools

Consulting of specialised machinery for our applications: Paste, RIM polyurethanes, vacuum polyurethanes, silicones, resin mixers, etc…

Calibrated Wax Sheets

Wax calibrated films are used to simulate various materials during the model or mould making process. They provide a firm surface and cover well at room temperature, with no tendency to retract. The films have a self-adhesive backing for quick application and a strength of 135ºC.


Fillers are used in a variety of applications: To fill epoxy resins or polyurethane casting resins; to thicken silicones so that they do not run off vertical surfaces; to add to epoxy resins as reinforcing filler, e.g. so that precast frames can be bonded to moulds.

Sealers and Release Agents

Release agents provide the barrier between a moulding surface and the substrate, facilitating the separation of the cured part from the mould. Without such a barrier, the substrate would stick to the mould surface, making cleaning difficult and leading to a drastic loss of production efficiency. We have mould release agents for every application and one that allows for multiple uses is advanced semi-permanent mould release agents.

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