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Advanced Composites

Perfect material with superior properties

Advanced composites are materials that are composed of two or more components, usually a combination of a polymer matrix with a reinforcement material such as carbon fiber or glass fiber. These materials have superior properties such as high strength-to-weight ratio, superior chemical resistance, excellent thermal and electrical properties, and low thermal expansion. Advanced composites are used in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, and sporting goods. They can be used to make parts that are lighter and stronger than their traditional counterparts.

advanced composites

Our range of Advanced Composites

Aramida Fabrics

Aramida Fibers are a type of high-performance fiber used in industrial and technical applications. They are made from a type of aramid polymer and are known for their strength, durability, and heat resistance.

Carbon Fibers | Fabrics

Carbon fibre fabrics are lightweight and very strong materials that are often used in the automotive, sports and leisure industries. They are incredibly strong and durable. At Uneco we offer 1K, 3K, 6K and 12K fabrics in flat, twill and panama in a variety of weights with the possibility of being stabilised.

Carbon Fibers | Multiaxial

Multiaxial carbon fibre fabrics are a type of composite material made up of layers of carbon fibres arranged in multiple directions. The fabric is created by interweaving multiple layers of carbon fibre in different directions, creating a strong, lightweight material that is ideal for use in a variety of applications. Biaxial, triaxial and quadriaxial are available in different weights and modulus.

Carbon Fibers | Unidirectional

They are commonly used in the nautical industry. Available in various widths and weights with different carbon modulus: standard modulus, intermediate modulus and high modulus.

Glass Fabrics | Multiaxial

Multiaxial fabrics are fabrics that have multiple layers of fabric woven in different directions. This type of fabric is strong, lightweight and allows the creation of complex shapes and designs, making it ideal for nautical, sports and leisure applications.

Glass Fabrics | Silione

Silione glass fabrics are a type of fabric made from fine glass fibres. Silione glass fabrics are generally lightweight, non-flammable and highly resistant to chemicals and water. Due to their flexibility, they are often used in automotive, marine, sports and leisure applications.

Glass Fabrics | Verrane

Verranne fabric is composed of chopped, discontinuous and twisted glass fibres, produced by blowing action. Its composition gives it a soft and plush appearance. This natural fibre has high thermal qualities, allows a homogeneous impregnation, is flexible and light. It allows many aspects to be taken into account, a good advantage for the manufacture of complex moulds.

Special Fabrics | Hybrid

Hybrid special fabric is a type of woven material made of different fibers, which can be carbon, aramid, glass or polyester.

Special Fabrics | Tapes and braids

Woven and braided technical yarns are used to manufacture products for various sectors such as aeronautics, paramedical, industrial, sports and leisure; they have a mouldable texture and easily conform to complex shapes.

Films | Adhesive Film

Adhesive films for structural bonding for the different cores of a laminate. These can come with or without reinforcement and different resin weights.

Films | Surface Film

Surface films to improve porosity and optimise parts and painting process

Mould | Low Temperature Systems

Mould prepregs are specially formulated to cure at low temperatures and post-cure at high temperatures without compromising shrinkage and giving an excellent finish.

Parts | Aesthetics

For carbon look parts _ Excellent cosmetic finish
For autoclave and press processes
For industrial, sporting goods and automotive applications

Parts | Fire Retardant

Prepregs formulated to meet fire and smoke regulations without compromising mechanical performance.
Versatile systems designed to be processed in temperature + vacuum or autoclave.
Rail and marine applications

Parts | Special

Phenolic and cyano-ester prepregs with high temperature resistance
Forged carbon type staple fibre prepregs for sports goods
High thickness prepregs with excellent machinability and excellent finish
Sprint Technology Prepregs

Parts | Structural

High mechanical performance
Versatile curing from 70 to 120 gradus
For vacuum + temperature or autoclave processes
Application in nautical, industrial and wind power


Epoxy adhesives are developed for bonding all types of structures with high mechanical performance and toughness. There are different types of adhesives with more or less elongation, toughness, viscosity and temperature resistance. These adhesives are available in cartridges or cans.

Fillament Winding Resin

Epoxy resin systems for filament winding are characterised by good fibre impregnation, room temperature cure cycles with a versatile range of hardeners starting from medium-low viscosity.

Infusion Resin

Depending on the final thermo-mechanical characteristics of the part or mould, as well as its size, system types are defined. In this case the correct selection of reinforcements and (process material, and a good strategy is fundamental in this technology.

Laminating Resin

Resins formulated to manually impregnate reinforcements applied on a mould. It is available in different viscosity systems, thermo-mechanical characteristics and hardeners to obtain different working times. Subsequently, a vacuum or compaction is applied to the laminates, manufactured with this resin using manual lamination technology. These resins are used for the manufacture of moulds and parts of any kind.

Paste Epoxy for Extrusion Machines

Machine processable epoxy pastes are commonly used for large models, as they guarantee seamless and dense surfaces for easy and agile working, and are easily machined. Mould-making pastes are dimensionally very accurate and dimensionally stable. They are very easy to apply and our expert technical team can apply this material at the customer’s location.

Paste Epoxy for Manual Application

The hand applied epoxy paste is a two-component, highly mouldable epoxy paste, which can be easily machined without damaging the mould and without considerable dust after curing at room temperature. Due to its dense structure, modelling properties and soft consistency, it is very suitable for consistency, it is very suitable for the production of master models. The dense structure of the finish does not absorb moisture, which makes the master models dimensionally stable.

RTM Resin

The epoxy resin for RTM must be low viscosity, normally fast, with good impregnation of reinforcements and excellent mechanical properties. The systems are formulated for high productivity and good finishes.

Bagging Films

Films for vacuum, infusion and autoclave processes. At UNECO, we distribute a wide range of vacuum bagging products with different micronages, widths and shapes. Tubular vacuum bags in a multitude of widths and open vacuum bags are available in our range.

Breather Fabric

The bleeder blanket is a 100% polyester or nylon non-woven fabric designed to allow airflow throughout the vacuum packaging process, as well as to purge excess resin from a composite part. Allows for high conformability around a composite part while under vacuum or autoclave pressure. Available in 150 and 330 grams.


Teflon Release Fabric
Adhesives Adhesive Tapes
Adhesive Spray

Peel Ply

Fabrics of different weights are available in nylon and polyester. Some offer an adhesive backing to help simplify the application process, while peel-off layers with non-stick coating make removal much easier.

Release Films

Films for a wide range of composite applications. Films allow other process materials, such as bleed blanket, to be removed from the composite part. A wide variety of perforation patterns available to tightly control resin leakage in various manufacturing processes. Non-perforated, P3, P31 available.

Sealant Tape

These tapes have been specially formulated to suit a range of curing temperatures, from room temperature cures to high temperature thermoplastic cures.

Aluminium Honeycomb

Aluminum honeycomb is a lightweight, strong, and durable material that is made by bonding layers of aluminum sheets together to form a honeycomb structure. The honeycomb structure consists of a series of hexagonal cells, similar to those found in honeycomb, that are bonded together to create a rigid and strong material.

Aramid Honeycomb

Aramid honeycomb is a type of honeycomb structure made of aramid fibres. Aramid fibres are a class of high-performance synthetic fibres known for their exceptional strength, heat resistance and abrasion resistance. Aramid honeycomb is typically used as a core material in sandwich panels, where it provides structural support and stiffness while minimising weight.

Mould Cleaner

Mould cleaner is a mixture of organic solvents designed to make mould cleaning as easy and effective as possible. Mould cleaner is designed to make mould cleaning as easy and effective as possible.

Mould Sealer

Mould Sealer is recommended to seal microporosity on all mould surfaces prior to mould release agent application.

Release Agent General Use / Water Based / High Gloss

We provide a range of water and solvent based release agents. Semi-permanent release agents are suitable for use in all composite manufacturing processes, from hand lay-up to the latest closed mould injection moulding techniques. They are available in high gloss or matt finishes, are quick and easy to apply and can be used with sprayable systems.

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