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taylor made

Taylor made

Epoxy Resins

Uneco can design and manufacture any epoxy system for casting, lamination, infusion,RTM, filament winding, adhesives, mastic, etc. adjusting to the technical needs and production processes of the customer for any market, such as sports and nautical composites, electro electronics, construction and industry in general.

taylor made


Epoxy for Building and Construction Systems

Construction materials designed for structural repair, reinforcement work, concrete repair, adhesion of concrete parts, sealing joints, chemical resistance, low density putty, waterproofing and flooring. Availability of CE-marked products.

Epoxy Systems for Composites

Resins for production of composites, in combination with glass, carbon, kevlar fibres. Using any kind of techniques: lamination, infusion, RTM, filament winding, etc. Our systems are adapted with different processing times and mechanical properties adapted to the necessities of our customers.

Epoxy Systems for Electro Electronics

Resins for the encapsulation of electrical components like transformers or capacitors. Insulation, protection and balancing of engines.

Epoxy Systems for Industrial Applications

Chemical specialties for the eolic, nautical, automotive and transportation markets. Construction and coating cover of furnaces, pools, pipes, tanks for potable water, gasoil tanks.


Our epoxy adhesive range covers a wide range of industries and needs, depending on the materials to bond or the temperature resistance.

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