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Aromatic Amine Hardeners


Systems for floors, coatings and more

Epoxy is a widely used material in construction and coatings due to its excellent adhesive properties, durability and resistance to chemicals and abrasion. Here are some common uses of epoxy in construction and coatings: Flooring, coatings, adhesives, concrete repair, waterproofing, grouting and much more.
Overall, epoxy is a versatile material that is widely used in construction and coatings because of its durability, strength and resistance to various environmental factors.



Unmodified Liquid Resins

Bisphenol A and/or F based with different viscosities for multiple applications.

Modified Liquid Resins

Low and medium viscosity resins for applications in civil engineering, adhesives and coatings.

Solid Resins

High molecular weight products in solid state at ambient temperatures. For inks, lacquers and powder coatings.

Water Based Resins

Special for fast drying water based paints.

Solid Resins in Solution

Suitable for the manufacture of solvent based epoxy paints.

Epoxy Phenol Novolacs

Special resins with high chemical resistance.

Unmodified Hardeners

Low molecular weight polyamines.

Modified Hardeners

Suitable for paints and coatings in general.

Water Based Hardeners

For waterborne epoxy primers, paints and self-levelling mortars.

Polyoamidoamine Hardeners

Special for adhesion on wet substrates

Polyoamine Solvent Based Hardeners

Suitable for high gloss solvent based epoxy paints.

Flexible Hardeners

Especially for elastic and flexible membranes and coatings.

Aromatic Amine Hardeners

For epoxy systems with high chemical resistance.

Reactive Diluents

Indicated to reduce the viscosity of resins and optimise their properties. They can be mono-functional, Di-functional and Tri-functional.


Indicated to increase the reactivity of epoxy systems in cold weather.

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