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environmental policy

Environmental Policy

The environmental policy is a commitment carried through at all levels of our company

UNECO wants to be answerable for its responsibility and its partners’ expectations for distribution, customers, administration, neighbours and society in general in relation to the environment. It wants to develop its activities with maximum respect for the environment and for natural resources, continuously improving environmental practices and using the cleanest techniques that allow it to maintain economic competitiveness. That is why the following commitment is assumed at all levels of the business:

  • Going beyond COMPLIANCE with the legislation on the environment, in the context of continuous improvement.
  • IMPROVING environmental behaviour: minimising energy and raw material consumption, optimising transport management and waste generation, promoting the recovery, reuse and recycling of materials and maintaining a low level of internal and external atmospheric emissions and noise pollution. To ensure it meets these objectives, UNECO checks, records and monitors environmental data, taking any necessary corrective actions.
  • Planning the DESIGN OF NEW PRODUCTS, processes and services to optimise environmental performance and eco-efficiency.
  • Planning ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT in possible accident or emergency situations, focusing largely on the risk of fire and the risk of transport of hazardous substances.
  • Maintaining and, if necessary, improving PARTICIPATION and TRAINING among all staff in order to achieve objectives developing good environmental practices which, together with the right technologies, lead to technical improvements. Training, motivating and skilling our workers.
  • Providing the RIGHT INDICATIONS to customers on environmental and safety aspects relating to the handling, use and post-consumption management of products made or distributed by the company.
  • ASSESSING the environmental attitude of its suppliers and subcontractors, giving preference to those with better environmental management, as this also makes them more reliable. Also applying and reflecting the environmental policy of its distribution partners in the market.
environmental policy