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artistic products


All products for artists, sculptors and designers

The artistic sector is very diverse and versatile. It includes artists, sculptors, architects, decorators, FX make-up artists, etc. We have a wide range of products to make sculptures and masterpieces, through a wide range of high quality silicones and finally a variety of resins. Uneco’s technical team assists the customer at every stage of the creation and execution process, helping with the most suitable product for the realisation of the work.


Addition Cure Silicones – Wacker®

Elastosil® addition cure silicones consist of two components A and B. The platinum catalyst is included in the B-component. The special feature of addition silicone is that no contraction occurs during vulcanisation. It is important during the vulcanisation process that the working materials are perfectly clean to avoid inhibition of the vulcanisation process. Shore A hardness ranges from 13 to 55.

Condensation Cure Silicone – Wacker®

Elastosil®, which vulcanise by condensation, consist of two components: a polymer (rubber) and a hardener (catalyst). The mixing ratios of the two components range from 2 % to 5 % depending on the reference. The Shore A hardness ranges from 11 to 60.

Acrylic Resin

Acrylic One® or A1® is a water-based acrylic resin system. A1® can be used as a reproduction material to create works of art, panels, façade ornaments and frames, decoration, design furniture, etc. It can also be used to make molds and support molds. Due to its special composition it is easy to use, apply and clean. It is ecological, fire resistant, environmentally friendly and does not generate gases or odors. Discover this product at Interfareba.


Two-component epoxy system with high transparency and UV resistance over time. Specifically developed for thin applications such as jewellery, inlays, artistic creations or 3D flooring. Very low viscosity to avoid bubble retention and facilitate self-levelling. Leaves a transparent and high gloss finish. Available in two curing speeds / for different thicknesses.


High quality and very fine liquid rapid casting resin system to meet the requirements of artists, designers, etc. in the preparation of models, moulds, tools, parts and prototypes. Casting resins rigid, flexible and foam with high qualities, very low viscosity, good cure, very high strength and very heat resistant.

SFX Makeup

SFX makeup is a type of special effects makeup used to create realistic effects on the skin. It is often used in television and film productions to create characters and creatures that would otherwise be impossible to create. It is a highly specialized field that requires a deep understanding of anatomy and special effects techniques. SFX makeup artists will typically use a variety of materials, including latex, silicone, wax, and clay, to create the desired effect. Discover this product at Interfareba.

Silicones & SFX

Platinum-cure silicone rubbers are used to create realistic skin effects in film, television and theater. Use the range of base rubbers, gels and additives to reach astonishing results for:
  • FX make-up / lifecasting
  • Masks
  • Body parts / prosthetic effects
  • Wounds and scars
Discover this product at Interfareba.

A1 High Shear Mixing Blade

The A1 High Shear Mixer is ideally suited for mixing A1. The mixer is available in 35 mm and 65 mm. The mixer can be placed on a drilling machine. This mixer has been specially developed to ensure that the A1 Powder is mixed into the A1 Liquid as well as possible. Clean the mixer with water immediately after use.

Acrylic Pigments

The base colour of A1 is ivory white. If desired, we have A1 suitable pigments in 10 colours with which the A1 can be coloured through and through. These pigments are highly concentrated and are added up to a maximum of 2% to the A1. Often a lower dose is sufficient to achieve the desired result. The A1 Pigments can be mixed with each other so that almost all RAL colours can be made.


We provide many different types of adhesives, each with their own unique properties and uses. Adhesives for many different substrates. They can bond similar or different materials, for example wood to metal, or acrylic to metal, providing a strong and permanent Strong, permanent bond between surfaces.


Chavant modeling clays are used throughout a vast span of industries, and in many different and wonderful ways. Each type of Chavant Fine Art Sculpting Clay, also known as Plasteline, is suitable for all educational levels and professional sculptors in the Fine Arts, Special Effects, and Product Design industries. Chavant modeling clays meet requirements for detail retention and surface development.

Glass Fiber

Glass fibres are commonly used for reinforcement in the manufacture of products, moulds, etc. The fibres are extremely strong and lightweight. We have special fibres for working with acrylic resin one (Triaxial Fibre) and also for Epoxy resin (Verrane).

Low Density Blocks

Low density boards to facilitate manual work and milling machines. Ideal material for making models, moulds, mockups and finished parts for all types of artistic production. Low density boards are below density 0.6 g/cm3.

Manual Gun for Cartridges

The manual cartridge gun is used to facilitate the application of adhesives. It is designed to provide a controlled and precise application of material, making it a popular choice for both DIY projects and professional applications.

Sealers and Release Agents

Release agents provide the barrier between a moulding surface and the substrate, facilitating the separation of the cured part from the mould. Without such a barrier, the substrate would stick to the mould surface, making cleaning difficult and leading to a drastic loss of production efficiency. We have mould release agents for every application and one that allows for multiple uses is advanced semi-permanent mould release agents.

Silicone Pigments

With the colour pastes from the Elastosil® FL product range, you can add more colour to your applications. Our colour pastes allow you to produce silicone articles in almost any colour. Our colour pastes can be mixed with each other as required. This means that almost any desired colour can be achieved. Most of our colour pastes can also be used in food contact applications.

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WACKER: Moldmaking

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ACRYLIC ONE: Manual, Folleto Productos, EBALTA: Composites resins, Foundry pattern making, Product overview, UNERESIN: Unedur

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WACKER: Elastosil FX

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