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Specialized in the manufacture and distribution of Chemical specialties

UNECO offers constant quality over the years in its products and services, due to a local technical-commercial service specialised in each product line.

Uneco is a family business founded by Miguel García Coma and it has been present in the speciality chemicals market since 1958.

Uneco has a portfolio of more than 2,500 customers in Spain and Portugal and is present in a wide variety of sectors such as: aerospace, automotive, wind power and other renewable energies, boating, sport and leisure, transport, metalworking, ceramics, art and decoration, electrical, electronic, construction…

About Gazechim group



UNECO S.A is founded by Miguel García Coma as a family own company with presence in the Market of Chemical specialties.
UNECO S.A. is a company which has been operating over 50 years, specialized in the manufacturing and/or distribution of Chemical specialities in order to offer solutions for:

  • Master models, Molds and all kind of Tools
  • Manufacture of Composites parts with the latest technologies
  • Electronical encapsulation and Electrical insulation
  • Structutral adhesives for bonding any type of substrates
  • Industrial Coatings, Putties and Painting products for the
  • Construction Industry


UNECO becames the official distributor in Spain of Ciba-Geigy which became later on Vantico and finally Huntsman (Araldite® and Renshape® materials)


Reorganisation of Uneco in order to increase the commercial and sales area.


The HQ of the company moves to Badalona (close to Barcelona) in a warehouse of 700 sqm in order to offer a better service to our customers.:


Creation of the own Brand label: UNERESIN® / UNEDUR® for the Construction Market.


UNECO became the new distributor of SCI-Grip for methacrylate adhesives focused on the Composites market.


UNECO gets the distribution for carbon fabrics from SAATI, now C.I.T – Toray Group


UNECO gets the distribution of Sealers & Semi-permanent release agents from Marbocote for the Advanced Composites Market.


UNECO starts an exclusive distribution of the SIKA Tooling Products


UNECO decides to switch from SikaAxson to Ebalta Tooling Products
UNECO moves into a new Industrial warehouse of 2 000 sqm located in Castellví de Rosanes, close to SEAT and sub-contractors
Better storage capacity (from 700 to 2000 sqm)
Improvement of the Laboratory for the Quality control and for the development of new formulations
Increasing the Production capacity for an international Expansion
Better storage for some raw materials which need specific and optimal conditions of temperature.


Integration of UNECO into the Gazechim Composites Group
Incorporation of new representations such Hexcel, I.Ma.tec, Obo…
4 main Business Units:

  • Advanced Composites & Adhesives
  • Trading of EPOXY Raw materials


New business acquisition of Interfareba SL with Wacker® and Acrylic one® as partners. Integration GURIT and AEROVAC like partners

The company Uneco has been part of the composites business unit of the Gazechim Group since 2019.

About Gazechim Group

The Gazechim Group is a family-owned and independent French group, organized around three areas of activity:

  • the distribution of composite materials
  • packaging and distribution of refrigerants
  • packaging and distribution of liquefied gases


Created in 1937, the Gazechim Group specializes in the packaging and distribution of liquefied gases. Established in Languedoc-Roussillon, Gazechim is in high demand for sulfur dioxide, an essential gas in the vinification and storage stages of wine.

It was in 1970 that the Gazechim Group expanded internationally with the creation of an Export activity and the development of the distribution of composite materials.

Today the Gazechim Group is present in more than 20 countries through around forty subsidiaries.

Groupe Gazechim